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Leader Radio Technologies (LRT) was established in Hong Kong in 2000 and thereafter expanded its presence in Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. We are a leading marketer and distributor of innovative consumer electronic brands in Greater China and Asia Pacific. Our mission is straight-forward: to offer our customers the coolest electronic gadgets from around the world. Many of the brands have been carried by us for more than 10 years and still thrive.

We carefully hand-pick the most innovative products and passionately build each brands to become market leaders. Driven by strong marketing acumen and close relationship with all major retail channels in the region, our products are being sold in nearly every corners of the market. Some of them have even become the #1 bestseller according to renowned market research firms such as GfK and NPD.

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LRT’s sales network spans over 600 resellers with close to 1600 storefronts. Resellers include consumer electronic chains or hyper-stores, IT/computer channels, as well as fixed line and mobile operators. LRT supplies directly to Apple for their Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan flagships – over 45 stores in all.

LRT’s products are also seen in 20 international/domestic airports in the region with a retail density of up to 9 stores in a single airport. In addition, airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon bring excellent brand exposure to millions of travellers each quarter via their inflight sales catalogues and home delivery programs.

E-commerce has changed the retail landscape of the modern society, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore included. Along with this change, LRT has shifted a significant share of its marketing mix into digital marketing. LRT’s self-operated social media accounts have collectively 95,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, Line, WeChat and Weibo. In 2016, a product placement in a Chinese online reality show garnered 740,000 views.

As much as we wish to source awesome products to our portfolio, we also wish that our products may bring about positive impact to people. With the aim of promoting health consciousness to our community in mind, we advocate for “sports for all” and hope to bring more outstanding wellness products to our consumers in future. We support local elite sportsmen in competing for their dreams, and sponsor marathon and other races to help raise public awareness. Outside of work, many of our staff members are keen sportsmen who take part in runs, swim, trekking, etc. You can be assured that we know what sportsmen need and you are in good hands. We believe in Work-Life Balance too.

It is not a traditional practice for distributors to get in direct contact with consumers, yet we feel it necessary to breakthrough this as we are really keen to understand exactly what consumers need. To this end, we opened our WeAreReady Concept Store in 2011 so that consumers may come experience our products firsthand and give us feedbacks. We also have our Social Media presence in like Facebook, Instagram, Line, Weibo and WeChat to interact with our end-users directly. We also host talks, workshops, etc. to initiate direct conversation with our consumers. Rest assured many more innovative forms of engagement activities will come up in future to make customer experience a blast. Stay tuned on our Social Media for announcement.

Company History


Sparked by a passion for innovative products, LRT was established in 2000 and mainly carried handsfree headsets and cordless home phones. As its business grows, LRT expanded its portfolio...
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Seizing the opportunity as Mainland China opens up her market, LRT expanded its footprint and opened its first Mainland China office in Shanghai. Its products were well received by the Mainland China market and LRT gradually...
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LRT continued to diversify its products and felt the need to connect with end-users. It opened WeAreReady Concept Store in 2011. Business continued to expand. Singapore office was opened in 2012...
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2016-Present 2016


As E-Commerce becomes an integral part of the business world, LRT put more emphasis on digital marketing and doing business online. Apart from its core business ...
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